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The one stop shop for all your log sheet requirements

DOB, FDNY Requirements

There are a lot of regulation when it comes to log sheets, maintenance and training. We're here to make it simple. All log sheets can be found on this page. CONTACT US  for a personalized list of what may be required on your specific site.

The Supers Log must be filled out daily by the Construction Superintendent or their designated competent person.

The Pre Shift Safety Log must be conducted daily. A separate pre shift log is required for each contractor on site and must be maintained by the GC or Superintendent.

Sidewalk Sheds of any height and Supported Scaffold above 40' must be inspected daily by a 'Competent Person' designated by the GC (different than The supers Competent person). This person must be able to identify hazards associated with the Scaffold and Shed.

A weekly Toolbox Safety Talk must be conducted weekly for every employee on site. Records must be maintained on site for inspection.

Prior to beginning work on site, Each and every employee must complete a safety orientation for the associated project. A copy of the employees orientation must be maintained on site.

Per OSHA regulation, an OSHA Sign In sheet must be maintained to identify and account for each and every employee on site.

Per BC 3321.2, Employers are required to maintain a log documenting each employee on site verifying that their training is in compliance with required rules and regulations.

Portable Fire Extinguishers must be inspected monthly and maintained in a Monthly Extinguisher Log per Fire code

Any construction site which utilizes suspended scaffolding must maintain a daily log for each day the scaffold is in use. If the Scaffold is not in use, best practice would be to inspect the platform to ensure it is secured and can cause no hazard to the site and its' surroundings.

Cranes must be inspected daily. A copy of this inspection must be available to DOB inspectors upon rquest.

Reshores must be inspected prior to placing steel on the working deck as well as periodically throughout the concrete pour.

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